Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Troubles In Driving

I had troubled with my car the heater works after 5 to 10 minutes and it annoys me a lot. I guess because its an older car. I am trying to better my driving including the way I park so that I can drive our other car. Our other car is new so hubby and I had an agreement that when I will become very good in my driving I can finally use the other one.

I am getting confident and I have been driving by myself when I go to work.It took me a while to drive without hubby with me. But anyway If you have some experience like me please drop me some suggestions on what to do. The other stuff the bothers me is I love driving when my inside lights were on. Hubby warned me already that it is a violation, I can get a ticket if the police will catch me.

We can turn on the lights inside but not for a while. They prohibit it because it can cause accident. Their explanation was you don't need your inside lights because all you need to be focus is the road outside. As long as your lights outside works good then you are good to go...

I need to start cutting off my lights inside my car when I am driving. It is not good for me at all...It is not hard to change it but I need to do it as soon as possible...

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