Monday, November 29, 2010

List Of Cars That I Consider to Get

One of my friend in Korea is driving this luxurious Infiniti G37 that is completely stunning both interior and exterior entourage. I was wondering to buy a new one because my car is kinda older. As a first time driver I just bought this used car that I considered as reliable. It is reliable for me to get to where I want to go specially at work. I can't deny I want a new car that has complete load especially the latest gadgets today.

I love truck and Chevy Colorado looks like perfect for me to drive. The only reason that I might find it hard is on how to park it perfectly or even on my reverse driving. I guess I need to practice more since my car is smaller than the Chevy car. There are list of cars that we can find at wiki cars and I also visited that site already, I found Hyundai that is stunning too.

I have a lot of choices and I am really saving up more money right now. One that I also considered the most is this Mercedes-Benz C63 that is also stunning. The gear is different and its just that the overall impact of the car is incredible.

I am not rushing though but I am just starting to figuring out which one is the best one for me and for my budget also. I am glad I have found car connect that comprehensively laid out the best used and new cars today. They provide unbiased reviews and they are encouraging us to dig up the cars reports  when we decide to buy a car from them. Isn't that amazing?

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