Thursday, April 8, 2010

CPR Completed

I finally completed the CPR and first aide training both for adults and child saving tips. It was such a very great learning experience when we know that we are capable of sustaining life. I am so excited to finally have my card two weeks from now, but our teacher said from the moment we passed the practical test we are already certified even if we dont have the card yet.

I will share some of the most significant to remember when we want to save someone.

  • Check if the place is safe, both the victim and the saver
You're a hero but Don't act like a stupid hero...some people think this is selfish thinking but we need to consider the safety for ourselves too. For example there's a guy whose cutting trees, when he saw his neighbor lying on the kitchen floor he help without checking it out. The door is open so he go inside the house and start saving the neighbor. He did not know that the victim was sofocated from the gas leak. Now after few minutes there's two victim lying on the kitchen floor.
  • Assist the breathing e.g. feel, listen and check the heart raise
  • Call 911
Yes we can sustain life but never forget to call the authorities or 911
  • Do the CPR and first aide
Apply what you learn and the right way to save.

Those are just few things that I learned and I have a lot more. This is not all about being a hero one day but this is about sustaining life to our love ones, friend and even to a total stranger along the way.

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