Friday, April 30, 2010


Unlike before cancer illness is hard to cure and even diagnosed. But recent studies and reasearch shows that cancer can be treated and people can survive. When cancer becomes metastatic, everyone feel astray and discourage. But a living proof testimony from Paul Kraus inspired to a lot of cancer survivor specially Mesothelioma cancer. This Mesothelioma Cancer is very rare accordingly because it affects the sac part of our lungs.

This kind of cancer is due to excessive exposure to asbestos. Now most of us are not aware that asbestos can be a cause to cancer. Paul Kraus is sharing his experience on how he virtually conquer mesothelioma. Let us never lose hope to conquer cancer but let's use our resources to find the cure. Who knows you will be the next cancer survivor. Im inviting you to read his book, this is limited but free so grab this opportunity. Good luck!

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