Wednesday, August 19, 2009


When we talk about poverty its a very frustrating and devastating issue that we people and even the government tried enough to resolve this kind of condition. We all know that poverty is a state or condition of being poor or scarcity of money, food, facilities, goods or in other words being indigence.

Two days ago one of a very prestigious show in tv exposed a very heart breaking episode about child prostitution. This absurd dilemma of child's laundering & slavery occurred in some part of Asia, it brings me with so much anguish to saw kids from 5 years of age to 12 yrs old of doing some adult indecent activity to trade some few penny. That even their own family sell them due to poverty.

This prestigious show conducted some undercover investigation to capture and stop this illicit activity and save the kids from bondage. Most of the customers who could afford is foreigner??? sad to say... customer coming from big country like us and europe. A certain dr. who worked as a dr. in guam was busted bought girls from ranging 12, 14 to 15 yrs of age. He utterly denied it but hey it was video taped.

With the help of legal authorities those pimps was arrested and put to jail and the brothel house of kids was demolished completely. So what happen to those abused kids???? few go back to prostitution of thinking no more chance for them to change especially whose aged from 12 above, and those kids from 5 to 12 yrs old was sent to school and a certain government agency took care of them. Four of them was interviewed recently that she was happy of having a new life from being cage from slavery. They are still working so much for themselves, self reliance, trust to other people and try to forget the dark side of their lives.


  1. sometimes the the world is cruel, but, with the help of the Lord and man, survival can make a better citizen than some people walking the street

  2. yes i agree the world is cruel and some people around it... but good thing that some people still care and stop the cruelty

  3. ..everytHing is a cHoice in thiS ExistenCe!

  4. yes and some pick the wrong choice even if they knew the bad outcome