Sunday, August 23, 2009


"There was a saying that goes money is the root of evil", but actually it is the attitude of man towards the money, how man become so desirous or greedy to achieve more regardless of what it takes to achieve it. It was said that in nature human was born not contented this character will leads the man to desire more and more. Money is a form of currency or means of payment, it is most considered as a measure of wealth and prestige. Money is used to provide our needs, in terms of food, health, shelter and other sort of payments such as insurances in other words money compensate our mounting bills. We work to get money to survive....

But what if money is misused? or what if money will become the root of some wrong doings such as prostitution, drug trafficking, or any laundering activities? Now a days this is very rampant that because of mans attitude towards money most cases leads to killing. I watched the news last night and a wicked friend steal his friend identity to use all his credit cards and decide to butcher & slay his friend threw away some parts of his body to the river making sure that it wont be identified. A very meek and with pure heart individual who was slaughter with no mercy with a trusted but wicked friend. Since our body is sacred the authorities find his body and the suspect was convicted first degree murder.

Its sad to think that because of some peoples evil interest someone life was taken away, from somebody's son, someone's brother and a friend. Money talks shady folks can walk that even justice oftentimes can be buy with what we called money......


  1. I think the saying is "The love for money is the root of all evil." taken from the bible. :)

  2. money ,like anything else can be used or misused

  3. waaaaaaaaaaa, i need money too...and yeah, its the attitude of a man towards the money...good day emie