Saturday, August 8, 2009


Ignore A Spark, Get A Flame
Ignore A Weed, Lose A Lawn
Ignore a Friend, Lose a Comrade
Ignore A Law, Go to Jail

Ignore A Crack, Get A Hole
Ignore A Child, Get A Brat
Ignore A Debt, Get Sued
Ignore The Germ, Get Epidemic

Ignore A Warning, Get An Accident
Ignore Love, Get Hate
Ignore A Marriage, you will Be A Mistress
Ignore Christ, You will lost your Path

Ignore The Bible, Lost the faith
Ignore To help and share, Get Greedy
Ignore to Care, Get Heartless
Ignore to participate, get helpless

Ignore to Interact, Become a loner
Ignore Justice, Get Punish
Ignore Home, Become homeless
Ignore to work, Get lazy

Ignore The beauty, Get ugly
Ignore to Cleanliness, Get Nasty
Ignore to hope, Get hopeless
Ignore To see, get blinded

Ignore Remarks, learn nothing
Ignore mistakes, Get blame
Ignore to forgive, Get judge
Ignore To everything, Get Nothing

To ignore little things is to create huge ground of conflicts, sometimes we tried to ignore some little significant stuff in our life, only to find its already blown away and its too late to realize that the damage has been created big time. Hope this help us guys to realize how important it is... not to IGNORE........

Influenced by...Father in law "Paul"


  1. Little things shouldn't really be ignored! Such a nice poem! I love it. It was beautifully written.

  2. way to go,looking better and better,love your insight

  3. You have packaged the "whole world of philosophy" in a few words! Wonderful thoughts shipped in a great poem!

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  4. I like the poem, so simple yet meaningful.. you are great..

  5. Hello...first I wish to thank you for your kind words on emie's post.
    Second your words in this poem are truly inspiring.
    The truth behind the words show how man has a continuous conflict between good and evil.

    If they are to ever gain positive faith in life they will have to wear an entirely different pair of glasses:)

  6. thank u so much, your concern is about relationship, marriage especially to women its real amazing to read your good insights specially that lots of women are lost and in deep despair... that would be a big contribution to inform women what to do.

  7. I love your poetry, I will add you to my blog, thanks for stopping by...I will be back! You can go ahead and add me to your blog too. Thanks!

  8. thank u very much i added u too i like ur site full of love...... keep posting

  9. Yap, so true. thanks for this poem.

  10. hello.....
    introduce me, i'm harry from ciamis...
    is my first time to visiting ur blog so good, i hope we can make a friends in here...and maybe someday i'll find something to learn in here. Thanks

  11. for sure we will be friends thanks for dropping by friends......mabuhay

  12. inspiring poem, I like it...

  13. This is really an inspiring poem.. I love the way you made it.. Kudos my friend.