Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Whitney Houston

A saddened death of Whitney Houston was very devastated to all the fun's and family of Whitney. She's a pop legend that contributed a history in the music industry. Her voice was a given gift that not all of us can have. I watched the Grammy party awards night and I was wondering how they enjoyed the party knowing that someone who was supposed to be there like Whitney just passed away. I also watched Chaka Chan's interview and she was not happy of the party. Whitney Houston was someone who will not believe that saying that "the show must go on" if something is not organize or something is not right.

Whatever the reason of her death, the moral of this real event is everyone goes there. We can prolong life but we can not stop death and that's make our life worth it living. The latest update about Whitney is her funeral will be set on Saturday in NJ in the church where she showcased her amazing talent since she was a child. She was started as a gospel singer and brought herself to stardom. She's one of the best singer that existed. May she rest in peace and hope that the unpleasant speculations about her death must be stop. I guess we just need to respect that she's resting and returning to the creator. Greatest Love Of All...

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