Tuesday, February 14, 2012


                                                 Guest post from: Constance Rodgers

Boys can be so aggravating sometimes. I am dating a 22 year old and sometimes I feel like we are back in elementary school. He is so annoying and just not consistent or reliable. One minute he is all about me. He wants to go see a movie with me, he will even see a chick flick and he pays for the tickets and popcorn. The next minute he isn't even calling me. He is hanging out with "his boys", as he calls them, and he will text me back.

I am sorry but if someone calls you, especially your girlfriend, you don't just text back. I need a man I can count on. I need a guy who I don't have to question when they are being nice to me if they will still be acting that way tomorrow. I mean, geez, even my energy bill is reliable and consistent with Shop Electricity Rates Texas! If this guy wants to keep me in his life he really needs to get his act together! I am sure there are plenty of other guys that would be thrilled to go to the movies with me!

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