Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Scrubs For My Infant Teacher Friends

I have lots of friends in nursing field. Most of them are women. Next year I am enrolling myself in nursing course. Probably PSW or LPN and inline with this I have been looking for a scrub uniforms. I am a teacher in profession but something change along the way. I am more interested to work with patients than teaching.

When time comes that I will be done with my course, I already have found a store that  provides scrubs and this can be check at that provide a wide selection of fine fabric but cheap scrubs and scrub clothing that any nursing people need to have.

I am excited to start my class next year. I just need to have another career and make more money. I also love wearing scrubs while working in the medical field. This christmas I have three friends that works as an infant teacher and I am planning to buy some good scrubs for them.

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