Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Marquez Used a Stopper style to cheat????

There's a lot of articles and videos speaking out about the fight of Marquez and Pacquiao. Some says that pacman should not win and marquez is the real winner. I read some comments and speculations both parties fighting over what really happen. A video shows that Marquez used a stopper style to make Pacman's fight hard, according to some people that it was a form of cheating.

The fight was really close and tight but when they announced that Pacman did won, my pride of being a Filipino was ignited. I feel happy regardless of hearing the crowd booing and unhappy. I did not understand it. I also feel sorry to Marquez of watching him became so confident rising his hands as a winner.

I watched a video from utube showing how Marquez cheated. Oh well if its true or not, the result was already done and announced. If you guys want to see it just google it.

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