Friday, October 14, 2011

Rain Barrels

Having rain barrels in our own home conserve a lot of water as ever. We can save paying lot of money in our water bills. We use water all the time like washing clothes, watering our plants, washing dishes, taking showers, washing our cars, cleaning our garage and many more. This rain water barrels are design to help us conserve water and use this crystal clear substance wisely.

I haven't experience rain harvesting here in the states but I often did it back home. We have huge barrels there and we save those water for watering our plants and cleaning our house. Using rain water helps us a lot back home and I told my husband about it. I told him that we need to start conserving water. We can use those saved rain water to clean our cars.

Isn't that amazing to always have water save? It will be a huge help for any emergency. Our backyard is a little bit bigger and we have so much things to do in our lawn. Now if we have have enough water saved, we can save using our sprinkler and also we don't need to go to a carwash store to wash our cars.

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