Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Electronic Cigar

My step-son wanted to quit cigarette smoking for several times. I told him to just stop and think of the bad effects but I guess it's not that easy. But one day he came home so excited showing me his electronic cigarette that is not hazardous to his health and even to people around him while his smoking. This e cigarette don't provide bad smell but a good aerosol mist of vapour that a someone will love.

 The goal of this electric cigarette is to aid people who tried to quit the habit of smoking real cigarette. According to my step-son's experience, it helps him a lot to forget using the real cigarette. I hope this was created before. My own father was a change cigarette smoker. He died because of lung cancer. But anyways this is a better alternative to help people who have bad cigar smoking. Unlike regular cigarette's this e cigarette has no cancerous agent's. SO if your aiming to change your bad habit then try this e cigar, it might work for you.

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