Thursday, September 8, 2011

3rd Year Anniversary

The weather change so fast even the time. It gets darker after 7 pm and gets colder too. I remembered that tomorrow is my 3rd anniversary of being here in the states. I can not believe how time fly so fast. Within 2 years I was able to accomplished some stuff that I am so proud of. Of course one of them is being a wife with a very good husband and was able to find a job and learned how to drive. The weather here in the states is so extreme. Summer can go up to 100 degrees and winter could go down to negative zero. Since winter is coming I need to buy winter stuff. We moved to a house 2 months ago and I can not find my stuff.

I was wondering if I need to buy special stuff for myself. I guess it's my husbands job right? Hmmm I hope he remembers lol.

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