Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wedding Preparations

My home girl was engaged couple months ago and of course we all know that the next step is to get married. Some people just preferred to have simple stuff on their wedding but some aren't. They want to acquire more memorable moments with their love ones and that's where wedding preparation or calendar comes in. I have learned that there are certain preparations that every one needs to consider when preparing a wedding. The following are:

  • Set initial budget for the wedding cost

  • Determine what kind of wedding you want such as if its in day or night, outdoor or indoor, casual or formal etc.

  • Find a reliable caterer for your food

  • Find a receptionist that could help you to coodinate the wedding

  • Decide who will officiate the wedding ceremony

  • Determine the number of guest, remember this is all about solemnity

  • If you want to be more graceful in the reception, you can start booking a music band

  • Start searching groomsmen, bridal gowns, bridesmaid gowns

  • Photographer must not be forgotten so determine the most reliable one

  • Flowers are very essential too, find local florists shop and get some deals
Those mentioned above are just the few stuff to be prepared and there are a lot more. Hope will helps...... 

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