Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hohm's Energy Saving Program

  • I thought we are already saving enough energy since we sign up with this budget bill, until I found another way of having an efficient way of conserving our energy more. We lived in Aurora and I learned that we can save up to $330 per year if we decide to sign of Hohms personalized report. Energy saving is very essential not only to our natural resources but also to our finances.

  • The company called microsoft hohm is a web service, virtually design to help us understand on how to conserve energy use and save up a lot of money in a year. We need to start cutting our mounting bills now and lets begin to save. Our home appliances increases our energy cost but with the help of hohm personalized energy saving tips, we could save and learn knowledge how to stabilize our energy bills.

  • They have this library energy saving recommendations that is very helpful and effective.  They also have this programmable thermostat that could save us up to $55 a year and $109 a year for this compact flourescents and LED. Holms will equip us to save money and energy at the same time. We will come to understand that we don't need to waste money and energy anymore.

  •  Right now the latest innovation that hohms has, is this water heater support, lighting calculator, improve charting for our evaluation, and a new energy breakdown analysis. I just find it so helpful to any home energy in the neighborhood. Me and hubby was been having a budget bill but I am more convince to try hohms program soon.

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