Monday, October 12, 2009

Spa Online

When we talk about spa what comes in our mind is something like health spa, salon spa, hut tub water with a hydro massage facility. Isn't it amazing and always captivating? Yes especially to women...every one loves shopping online as we all know it saves time and energy. Now who like spa accessories? All of us love it and imagine your room with this finishing touch of  scented candles, bolster cushions, and some beaded hangers. Yes spa shop direct has all of that with no hustles but it will direct to your own door.

I thought they only offered spa accessories but when i go through their store categories i was amazed with their  several offers. They have some Egyptian hair towels, couch covers, fleece slippers, spa uniforms and a lot more. Spa uniforms is accordingly made from bamboo-blend fabrics, that is very comfy that keep you cool. The design is extra ordinary with a good quality garments on it and it will bring you extra confidence.

They also have salon uniforms which serves as a therapy uniforms that brings beauty. Yes therapy and beauty, if you think of it they bring big deal package with all of this comfortable and breathable uniforms. They have variety of color, style and designs of Tempus Carigan Shrugs lime, navy, pink, teal and a lot more.Name it and you can have it! Its very easy to register and access your account, just simply register and start shopping. Folks am inviting you to check this out, its pretty and amazing.


  1. really hope my wife dosen't see this, it's a haven for women like her(smile)

  2. mom should check this it out dad

  3. weee...i like going to spa's...Haven for me
    :-)..I just wish i have enough money to spend at spa's..Especially going with your family or friends like the one makin this blog....:-)

  4. hehehe thank u kumadre yes its really haven especially for women, no more hustles to go to the store but just one click away and u can now shop online for ur spa accessories

  5. i love going to the spa...if only it's not costing way too much.

    i used to work in a resort, in the spa particularly and have enjoyed some benfits that goes with it. the heavenly scrubs and massages.

    nice to be back here ems=)