Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tree of life

Ive been missing home so much me and my husband cant wait to go back for a visit. One of my fave juice during noon time is juice from the coconut, we have few of these in our backyard. Dang i miss buko salad! Coconut tree is most described as a tall palm tree bearing coconut as fruits. This tree is also called as a tree of life because every part of it has a use. Some uses of coconuts are fuel source, medical benefits of virgin oil, brooms, furniture design, hot oil for hair treatment, food and a lot more.

I wish to have some piece of coconut land someday mmmmmm a new coco lady lol.... i just really love this tree...Good night folks!!!!!!!!


  1. very well said, a tree of life indeed. valuews, reviews, business

  2. This is a good way to introduce the coconut tree...

  3. perfect and pagkakuha. Thanks for sharing