Saturday, July 25, 2009

Leave no more Stay

I want to leave because i can not stay
Its tearing me inside and killing me slowly
Is it stupid to hold on or timid to get away
And forget the the things that i used to be me

Once is enough and twice will be crazy
I can not allow you to hurt and let me feel lonely
If letting go is healing and moving on is to get ready
I will take the chance and say you don't deserve me anyway

Love is like a plant need to be nourish and sway
Go dance with the music go sing with a melody
But suddenly the tone went out, and lead you to misery
Its never been worth to get hurt and cry with insanity

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  1. like a poker hand, know when to hold and know when to fold

  2. what a lovely poem? are you a poet? just joking..friends 4ever?

  3. hi jodi hehehe maybe i could be a poet hehehe thanks for the compliments yes friends 4ever