Monday, July 27, 2009


Do you believe in fate do you believe in fortune
Are you prefer to wait or fly and ride on
If your like a bird will you cage your self or set free and find your fortune
What do you think let me know and lets ride and go on

Some people are lazy some folks are hopeless and tied on
They seem so weak and don't try to climb on
They live and die without striving hard and try to won
But grow old nothing and has nothing good to pass on

We can win the battle we can find our fortune
Life is a choice and we can always do the right custom
Lets furnish and help out not only for our own
But to the benefit of the many and avoid anyone to abandon


  1. an encouraging poem, congrats for the talent that god gave you...god bless you sis...friends 4ever...

  2. hehehe jodi my friend thank u for acknowledging it hehehe

  3. it would be great to know our destiny,but you have to work to reach your goal.nothing is handed to you.just be sure you are aware of what you want in life

  4. Do you know that you encourage me through your poem??? Thanks a lot.

  5. You are blessed that you have the gift of creating such wonderful and meaningful poems. I like it.. Keep Up the Good Work!

  6. hey, nice words of poems,
    lets be an eagle with a sharp vision and flying like a jet plane :)