Friday, June 26, 2009

Feel My Pain

We are buddy brothers for life
Our face our color are most alike
Voices from with in it always collide
We simply represent brothers for life

Every words, every bit series of freedom & right
You and me strongly always stand & both to fight
My strength and Ur strength always reunite
We go for justice & No one beat us but always win and survive

But bro it change when your boo arrived
I hate her because she always lied
Shes a crooked shes a an evil in disguised
She invaded the brothers for life

You was persuaded of her big fat lie
Am broke am bankrupt, loser, nothing and dry
Dude that's not cool but need to be clarify
Am daunt with dismay you believed her lie

I go on with my life, you left me behind
The coolest brother in time get mad & disunite
Our world fall apart we discreet, shaded hatred grown in our heart
My bro wheres the love, our passion and smile

Now bro you come back with failure in your eyes
You said u was wrong and tempted of your evil wife's tongue lies
She manipulated u, deceived and destroy u inside
Now u are weary, wretch unhappy with tears falling in your eye

Am your brother i embrace u without pride
I forget i forgive because that's how brothers for life
But hope u feel the pain what i had inside
Felt forsaken with grief but gone away and die
I let it go with peace and live my life with a smile

I do what i got to do to bring myself high
My boo and I hold hands together and fly
Our Goals pursuit to get gold under the rainbow and in the sky
We will catch it with our hands we will prosper and be satisfy

Life is never been easy but hard and lots of try
Never get discourage nor petrify or cry
With goals and determination wishes will be granted
Though never been easy to achieve and try

Grab it in your hand don't apprehend but continue to fly
Don't listen to intruders don't listen to lies
My pain is my strength to stand up and fight
Now is my renaissance, i defeated the battle with full of hope and life

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