Sunday, January 15, 2012

Design on a Dime

                                              Guest written by our friend Trent Horton

I recently moved in to a new apartment which is awesome because it has a ton more space than my old place did. The only problem it costs more than my old one did and so now I am on a budget. When I move somewhere I like to make the place look nice immediately. I don’t want to wait six months to be able to make it look nice. Recently I found a show on my direct TV guide called Design On A Dime. It is a whole show that is centered around designing your home on a budget.

This is perfect for my situation right now because I need help with design and I want to do it on the cheap. They make suggestions like framing paper or getting fabric samples from a local fabric store and framing those as art. It is a really cheap option to buying art prints because those can get really expensive. This way you can also match your current décor with cute patterned or printed paper in inexpensive frames.

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