Saturday, September 10, 2011


My internet connection is crawling like a turtle. It's super slow that made my online entry and other write ups get delayed. I am frustrated to find a new internet connection. I am making my new website "mom walks in life"  and I am so deeply tired of my internet connection. We paid the high package just to connect faster but it doesn't even budge to get a little bit faster. Luckily I found coppetnet that provides the most affordable dsl and dial up internet connection today.

I checked their services and packages and I can't believe how they give us a very reasonable price. They are the best when it comes to dial up system. Here in the states, for many years of the business they accordingly remain and keep their policy private. Meaning unlike to other company that sells our information, this company stayed true and private. So if we want the best, let's choose copper net to any of our dial up plans.

I always make some research before setting my decisions. I always read reviews and learned their testimony. If I feel that they are trustworthy company then I will not hesitate to acquire their service. So based on my research all customers are really happy. This coppernet is just perfect for my needs right now. They are cheaper but faster connection, we can not bet that deal. Their internet service is faster. Common question like what is coppernet in the first hand. Coppernet is the original low cost dial internet today.

I remember back home, we have dial up internet company too and they are also real cheap. I am just glad to find copper net too. Other question that help me to decide to acquire them is they are way better than other dial up company. They take identity theft and privacy seriously and when it comes to their customer service and technical support, you don't need to pay extra bucks for them.

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