Sunday, August 7, 2011

House Warming Gift? A spice rack pls

I bought our new house a month ago. It was one of the most exciting that we felt. We felt accomplish and success since we both work hard to get. Now my friend were asking when will I have my house warming. I have like three jobs that I even barely rest so I need to decide and get some days off at work to have a house warming party.

They asked me what are the stuff that I do not have yet and I replied " a lot " But actually I don't have stuff in my kitchen. I told one of my friend that I she will us a gift a spice rack will be perfect. I found a source of spice racks online and they provide different designs. We can even ordered a costume made one.

Actually I would love to have a wall spice rack. I guess it will be better. Anyways I am excited to have my house warming dates set and receive our gifts. My mother in-law already bought us a wash and dryer and we just loved it.

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