Sunday, April 24, 2011

Strep Throat

I am having a severe strep throat right now. It started last Friday and so I called in at my job. We had a sudden dr. appointment and good thing the clinic was not that busy. All I thought that when I eat or drink sweets I usually get sore throat. But not right now, they checked me in for a trep throat and to be honest it is very painful. I never had strep throat before, sore throat yes and it don't take for so long. I have been enduring the pain for almost 3 days now and my throat is still swelling. The doctor gave me some antibiotics and I have been eating chicken soup. I am hungry but I can't eat more solids at all. Anyways, strep throat accordingly was cause by bacterial infections. Some symptoms includes such as fever for over 101 F, swollen tonsils, lymph nodes, white and yellow spots behind your swollen tonsils of throat, severe headache, body pain and more.

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