Thursday, March 3, 2011

I need to change my withholding tax for next year...

I filed my tax with H&R block but I am a little bit frustrated. I owed a bunch and I did not even know why. Its my first year of working and I filled up my 1040 form. I did not know about withholding tax and that messed me up. I got most of my checks every pay check.

Now I need to change my withholding tax. I don't want to owe next year. Its better to get less than paying a bunch later. Anyways If i will change my withholding tax, i will probably get bunch so why sacrificing right now and enjoy myself later.

Now I need to apply the law of gratification. Putting myself to a little sacrifice and gratify it later...It sounds good to me though! Then my goal tomorrow is to change my withholding for the next year!

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