Thursday, February 24, 2011

Words of Wisdom for the Day

I am so glad to see our new picture frames in the living room. I am so proud of hubby of framing it. The pictures was taken during his baptismal and am so proud of him how he took it seriously. He loves the elders and they always visited my Sam at least twice a week. They talk about the scriptures and how the word of God help us in our daily basis. I am so glad how it brings more blessings to our life. I love it and I feel that our marriage function more in a very righteous way. Me and hubby has some words of wisdom today and we learned that "we need to walk with faith not by sight" we can not expect all the things to be visible in our naked eye but let's keep believing of the things that is invisible to our vision . We also believe that our faith must be accompanied with good work or else faith without work is nothing. I love life despite of some issues every now and then. I just took it as a challenge that makes our life more meaningful and interesting...

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