Monday, February 7, 2011

The Stoning Of Soraya M.

Every culture carries different belief and practices. As part of the bible story, Jesus Christ condemn the stoning to anyone who commit adultery. I must admit I agree with his teachings. I do respect different religion and I am not mentioning any religion in my article. But I felt so downhearted to be ab led to watch the movie " The Stoning Of Soraya M." To tell you guys it was one of the most tragic  act of condemnation.

The story of the stoning of Soraya was unjust. It happened in the remote village of Iran. The ruthless incident started when Soraya's husband Ali, tried to divorce her but Soraya refused to do so. He asked his own friend Mullah to propose to be mullas lover. Mulla will provide monetary support and protection to Soraya but again Soraya refuses.

To make it short, Soraya end up working to a widower for his kids and Ali get a chance to set up soraya into cheating. He told everyone in the village that Soraya is having an indecent affair with a widower. It was not true but since Ali forced the widow to claimed that they are having an affair for the exchange of his son's safety, then Soraya was convicted. Adultery is punishable by Stoning to death and it is an sharia Islamic law. For Ali if Soraya will die he don't need to pay child support.

Its a long story and I feel so hurt of the unjust punishment. As I said I respect all culture/religion but this one is unlawful and if they believe the commandments of God then this kind of punishment must not be done at all. I guess everyone must watch "the stoning of Soraya M.

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