Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tax Lien 2010

 Me and hubby made three bids today. Its tax lien time and we choose tax lien that wasn't redeemed for years. We are crossing our fingers that we will win and make some out of it. Am new this tax lien business and we are starting from the bottom to make money. I noticed that there are really a lot of properties that owes a lot of taxes and that they are far behind. There were one condo that owes like thousands of dollars. I wish we have some money and we could buy and pay the behind tax lien of the house. Because of the recession people owes a lot and even if they have a job, with their mounting bills and other obligations they find hard to pay their taxes. Anyhow I wish we will progress on buying tax lien every year. The bidding rules is very easy we just need to put 10% deposits of the amount of tax lien and your good to go to bid...try it too...

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