Sunday, November 21, 2010

Degrees Of Glory

Learning about the Kingdom of heaven is essential for our soul. I am blessed to share it with you and hope you will learn something...Our life on earth is temporary but we have this what we called judgement in our later life.

After we are judge we will live in a certain degrees of glory. This degrees will identify how we live on earth and how we accept Jesus Christ our savior. The following kingdom or degrees of glory are the following:

  • Celestial Kingdom- This where Heavenly father and Jesus Christ reside. If we live with the accordance of the gospel of Jesus Christ then the gift of living on this kingdom will be given to us. Complete joy and peace will be showered.
  • Terrestrial Kingdom- Most of us wasn't able to know about the gospel of God or let say they refuse to believe it but still live in a very noble life. Then this will be the place for them. (Not complete happiness)...
  • Telestial Kingdom- Is to people who don't believe God at all and they continues do their sins and never repent will be judge to stay on this kingdom.
Sometimes we are too busy of collecting different ideas from different topics outside the bible and  forget to learn what are those essential spiritual aspects that our spirits need to have. It is not too late and we can always start and do the right path. Think about it!

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