Thursday, November 4, 2010

Alice in The Wonderland 2010

I thought Alice in the wonderland is more of kids thing. But Alice get matured and became a lady who took her most amazing adventure to the wonderland. She shrink and became tiny and all those tremendous changes. The movie is indeed amazing and very entertaining. Even hubby loved watching it with me after dinner. The movie has some creepy but cute creatures. The movie is filled with magical, colorful and beautiful stuff around it. I wasn't able to watch 2009 Alice in the wonderland and I came to regret why shouldn't I? Anyhow I guess I need to watch it again before i lay to my bed. I wish I could go the wonderland and make some adventure with my family and my husband lol. That would be so interesting...all of us has some childhood fantasy adventure and whether its real or not it gives us fun and joyous experience.

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