Sunday, October 24, 2010

Jovit Baldivino and Rico Puno duet

I was browsing on youtube to some of my favorite song. I come across this video duet by Jovit Baldivino and Rico Puno. The song lupa and too much love will kill you is one of my favorite song. This song is legendary and amazing. But I was stunned by the voice of Jovit geese sooooo natural yet explicit. Its solitary! He just 17 years old folks but the voice is like season already like pro. Oh yeah his a pro now but geese....This poor talented boy came from far land to joined Got Talent to show his amazing talent to the world. His simple wishes is to finish his studies and help his poor family. I salute you Jovit and I am so proud of you. I almost cry watching his video ( yeah i cry)  His dreams and his nice disposition in life brought him to the top. This only shows that there's no impossible. If you think you got talent then show to the world. I saw some critics in youtube laughing how he pronounce the english words, but guess what he got the talent... the funniest part is the one who laugh at it was also a Filipino. Whatever folks! Crab mentality! But anyhow you got what you dream Jovit. Keep up what you got and don't stop bringing inspirations to the youth!

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  1. I love the way they rendered the songs,each one has a unique presentation but the blending are perfect.Rico puno was my my favorite in my adolescent life and i really like Jovit eventhough he is just 17 yrs old but he is very formal.Jovit has a lot of respect to the legend rico puno.God bless you Jovit and Rico Puno.More power to Jovit in his career,i always watch his videos anytime i have a chance because he sings my favorite songs and my favorite singers too. Good luck Jovit.