Saturday, September 18, 2010

Online Dating Like CB Love

Most of Asian women are acquiring to find their soul mate through online dating. One of the famous online dating that they hooked themselves is through cherry blossoms or commonly called as cblove. Women are dazzling and competing to win their mans heart. What happen right now is the scam go both sides. Some women are being promised to be given everything. Common promises are il bring you to my country, il give this and that but after the couple intimate affair...they just leave without a word.

Some women in Asia scams with several reasons. One of their reasons is to make money and ease the poverty that they are living in. In CB love there's a lot of women and men who sincerely look for their soul mate but I guess everyone just need to be extra vigilant to trust someone. I had talk with some asian women today. I thought its nice to chat with them once in a while and have fun in the chat room. Some are nice but some are scammers lol. I listened to every one's story and understand it deeply that every one came from different situation.

I met hubby through a friend and I am just glad not to experience all of those searching online. I know its daunting to find the right one but if thats what it takes to get their future settled then no more questions must be ask. All I can say is good luck to all of them.

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