Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Math Problems Solution

I had a chance to met my new friends two younger sister. The younger one is in k12 and the other one is in college. When they know that I am a teacher, they asked me if I could tutor them. But I said my time schedules are tight. I can't afford to tutor them because I dont have enough time to do it.

I told them that tutor vista can help them more. They can access the site 24/7 and will save time, money and effort of going to class for tutorial. One of the basic lesson plan that they were specializing is solving math problems that includes identifying Acute Triangle, Line Segment, Indices, Diameter of circle, Algebraic expressions and Squre footage calculation.

I give them the tutorial company site and when checked it they called me right away. They said that its worth it to sign up and use their service. I am glad that I helped them even if I was not the one whose actually tutoring them.

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