Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Labor Day

What is the essence of observing labor day in the United states? Labor day is a United States federal holiday being observed every first Monday of the month of September. According to the history of labor day, this day was first celebrated on 1882 September 5 in the state of New York. This became a federal Holiday in 1984 during the Pullman strikes. Many worker's lives was wasted at the hands of the US military and US marshals.

This coming Monday is my first labor day while working here in the State of Colorado. I feel the essence of it but knowing the history makes my understanding more depth. I thought that labor day is  just being celebrated to have some off from work and can do some parties but its not. This special holiday is a commemoration of the deaths of the workers from the Pullman strike. We should celebrate the holiday with the emphasis of civil war and economic significance. But who think about it right now? Most people are just glad to have labor day to relax from the most tight schedules at the job.

Happy Labor Day to all!

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