Friday, September 24, 2010

Anti Mosquito Repellant Patch

Dengue killed a lot of people in the Philippines. It's a very deadly transmitted disease from mosquito's that will kill to anyone one of us. Dengue exist in tropical whether. It killed a lot of people specially in the Philippines. This disease is being characterize by rash and aching joint. Dengue is accompanied with fever that is very life threatening. To prevent dengue a new discovered anti mosquito repellent patch is now available.

Product Background:
This product uses high-tech nanotechnology natural mosquito plant extracts combined with molecular nanotechnology, the use of constant speed control technology developed from volatile release.

By just attaching to clothing, it can repel mosquitoes up to 1 cubic meter in diameter range, (best time is 6-8 h) mosquito protection, this is more convenient, safer, healthier for the human body without any side effects.

I already ordered some bunch of it and it is effective...

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