Monday, July 12, 2010

Xylle Andrae Valentine

Check the color transition of the baby from being so white skinned to dark brown...He is Xylle Andrae Valentine. So adorable so cute...I love this pictures so much...I can't help myself imagining my own too. I wish I wish I wish....Raising a child is a daunting task to do. Motivating and introducing them to the world is very tricky. We need to be more careful in any discipline that we apply or else we are screwed. Culture affects so much..the kind of upbringing and the environment they live in cultivate their well-being. So exciting and yet scary. But whatever it is am not afraid to have my own....Hubby and I are so anxious to have our own child and have a little fellow running around in our house. Can't wait that day to come.

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