Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Trial Marriage

Trial marriage is being practice to a lot of cultures already. Even christian country who don't believe divorce are exercising this kind of commitment. Some people says " its better to opt trial than having a huge regret later". I have nothing against with it but my question is, is it really necessary to try first? Maybe if its not ready then just keep the relationship like engage bf and gf right? There's a lot of reasons why people decided to live a trial marriage relationship and one of their reasons are they are not ready to tie their knot yet. Its too early, or the financial status is not stable yet. Hmmm it make sense but what ever it is everyone has the right to make a choice. One of my family friend is practicing this kind of commitment and it works.Well there's always two side of the road. It may work or it may not. I just wish that it wont become a norm specially to the culture where I came from.

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