Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sizzling Summer Tips

Tips to keep ourselves fresh and healhty during the sizzling summer........and feel cool under the heat of the sun.

  • Wear your sunglasses under the sun......some people wear it inside...hmmm sun---glasses....from the root word sun so that means its intended from the heat of the sun. So guys beware don't wear it inside the building ok or else you will look wacky.
  • Wear Flip flats to be more comfortable......some people believe that flip flaps are design to use in the beach and in the pool...But guys this is very comfortable even having barbecue and go shopping to the mall.
  • Some people are wearing make up during beach and pool time...Geese its not appropriate at all. Would you love to look at someonesa face, with their make up dripping down their face/ Well that will exactly happen to you.
  • Don't wear heels on the beach....I saw a lady wearing this 5 inches heels walking in the sand...whattah!!!!
  • Wear a swim suit that fits to you....every one has its own figure but folks wear that is ideal to your figure.
  • Heavey Jewelries is out the hook...please don't wear when ur going to swim..Lol

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