Saturday, July 31, 2010

Marriage is Universal

A friend posted something on her face book that tackles about marriage, luv and lust. She was exclaiming that marriage is covered or bound for lust. This what she said... If marriage create because of love.. Why most couples ends with nothing...Is love fades? Or is love changes anytime...??? And I replied  "marriage is a union of two individual that involves intimacy and romantic attraction. Actually love changes whether we like it or not. They will go in two certain will grow more or it might fade or die. Love requires sex gratification or else men will feed their sexual hunger from others and this is most common to men. In some cases marriage don't bound for love...aside from love...some just get married for different reasons...some is for money, companionship, political fulfillment etc. Traditional marriage believes on, acceptance etc. and we can find it in 2 Corinthians which is lust is excluded. marriage must be nurture and requires give and take! When our partners will start sailing to other boat that means something is not right...Its not because of lustful preferences. Therefor marriage comprises with universal reasons...when it fails we can't just conclude in one thing but in a broad manner of way...

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