Sunday, May 23, 2010

Raising Kids

Most of my friends are having their kids and set certain values and standards to raise them. In every culture we design certain kinds of discipline. Some implement corporal punishment and some doesn't. Some think there kids are like angels but reality check says no matter how high your values are at home or how great they are, they will always commit mistakes and try new things regardless if its right or wrong. I read in my magazine that 40% of teens from ages 15 to 17 admitted that they are having oral sex. Trying to be defensive that if they will do oral they will not get pregnant and will not commit premarital sex. Yeah right is that so...anything that says making like oral sex is premarital sex so what are they talking about. At the age of 4 or 5 male kids are starting to discover themselves. And I was stunned when I saw them on my own naked eye. Its not disgusting since its part of their genital development but I felt an awe and shocked. One of my closest friend at work says...hmmm when ill have a 14 yr old female kid ill probably start giving her contraceptive pills. Her defense is she better save her kid of getting pregnant on a very young age than being on denial that her kid will not do damn thing. She replied this is the are adventurous. Hmmm I am kinda scared of having my own kid with this kind of generation.

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