Friday, May 21, 2010

Crime in Georgia is increasing

                                         Thanks for the guest post by Riley Kello

It is a calm cool day in southern Georgia. The wind is blowing, the leaves are sweeping along the ground and children are playing in the streets. This picture is painted in minds of a senior generation; however, the glass and picture in that frame have been broken. Violence in Georgia has drastically increased in the past 30 to 40 years. Where does the problem lie? How can crime be reduced?

The questions above present valid concerns; however, the next step for you and me is to realize that peace is a product of just report. Criminals must be captured if we want the violence to stop; consequently for things to change we as citizens need to demand peace while allowing justice to punish those who disrupt social order.

There were days when doors could be left unlocked and cars keys could be left in an ignition. Today, however, that broken picture tells a sharp painful story. Looking at only two horrific statistics clearly show that change needs to happen and it needs to happen now! Though reported crime is tragic, and society prays that justice was served, today is a stark juxtaposition to a quieter time in history. You see the number of reported cases of assault has risen from 294 to over 2,196 cases in 2008. Robbery on the other hand has risen from approximately 49,000 property thefts in 1960 to over 388,000 property thefts in 2008.

Now that you eyes have been opened to the facts what will we do? I, for one, am cosindering getting an alarm system from Adt Georgia, and possibly a guard dog. If you want our social picture frame to be repaired and you wish to see a clear picture of our great state then educate yourselves, your children and your community so that we can stand against crime in the great state of Georgia.

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