Saturday, December 12, 2009


Polygamy is having more than one or multiple mate at the same time. It is against the law of God and law in land. But this is now practice of some people in the society agreeing the fact of staying and sharing each other. This multiple kind of marriage is breaking the solemnity and sacred of marriage.Polygyny identifies a man having more than one spouse at the same time and polyandry is called to a woman who marries more one husbands. Or  called as a group marriage to man and woman who marries multiple husbands and wife.

Monogamy is desirable to me and this should be the right marriage to be practice to every one. Mono means one or other words marrying to only one. Bigamy will be subject as a penalty to a person that marries more than one and its an act of crime. You can be prosecuted and be punish by the law. Folks which do you prefer? Indulge in multiple mates or be loyal to one? Pick which one and let me know......


  1. FAITHFUL TO ONE! not only for myself, but also for God who commands to be married to one and love no other.

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