Saturday, November 7, 2009

Friendly award

From precious Jenny a friendly award was given to me. This is not the only time that she shared a friendship token online. It makes me realize to grab it for a reason that to all the blogger's in her list she picked me as one. And that makes me special, she wrote very vivid and informative insights and i could tell shes a witty woman. I would like to share it to my kumadre dona jodi mommy kandi and to all  the people in my list who believe in me.

Thank you for the thoughts you share and the courage of instilling each others heart to write good insights, might be personal or issues outside in this world of art.


  1. hi my friend, salamat at naalala mo ako sa award na ito, i will post it maybe tomorrow sis. god bless you online forum

  2. hello are you today..??


    Hitsuke and NarutoFans